Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey

2019 YAS Report

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Thank You

Special thanks to the school district superintendents, school principals, administrators, teachers, parents and students for participating in the 2019 YAS.

Conducted every two years at grades 8, 10 and 12 in participating Ottawa County schools.

Monitors how behaviors increase, decrease or stay the same over time.

Measures how many teens are engaged in a variety of risky and beneficial behaviors affecting their health and well-being.

The YAS provides evidence-based information about what the biggest needs are (and aren’t) among Ottawa County teens

Since 2005, the Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey has been used to monitor health risk behaviors in Ottawa County teens. Data from this anonymous survey has been used by local agencies and schools to enact more effective programs and policies to improve the health and well-being of local teens.

  • Gives parents information they may use to guide their teens in becoming physically, emotionally and mentally healthy adults.
  • Helps faith communities, local agencies and schools focus their efforts on the most pressing and prevalent issues teens face.
  • Helps evaluate the effectiveness of interventions developed to address pressing and prevalent teen issues.
  • Provides the option for school districts to have their own results to compare with Ottawa County as a whole. Schools and parents may then make evidence-based decisions about how to address their student body’s unique needs.
  • Organizations and community members may request an additional analysis that is suited to fit their needs.
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