About the Ottawa County YAS

YAS is a locally developed teen survey since 2005.

Prior to 2005, there wasn’t a consistent or reliable way to find out about the needs and strengths of teens within the county. Several organizations recognized this gap and worked together to review existing surveys already considered valid and reliable. From that review, a survey tool was developed specifically for Ottawa County that could also be responsive to future needs of local teens.

What is in the YAS report?

Questions About:

  • Family and community experiences.
  • Sexting, sexual behaviors and pornography.
  • Trafficking, relationships and living arrangements.
  • Depression and suicide.
  • Bullying, safety and violence.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drug use.
  • Body image, nutrition and physical activity.

What issue areas affect males and females differently.
Ages when teens may engage in risky behaviors for the first time.
New questions in 2019:

  • Among those who saw someone being pushed, yelled at, or hit by a person they were dating or going out with during the past 12 months: They did something else.
  • Tried to quit using all nicotine products in the past 12 months.
  • My friends feel it would not be wrong or only a little bit wrong for me to use electronic vapor products or e-cigarettes.
  • My parent/guardian feels it would not be wrong or only a little bit wrong for me to use electronic vapor products or e-cigarettes.
  • Bought an electronic vapor product from the store.
  • Got an electronic product on the Internet.
  • Gave someone money to buy an electronic vapor product
  • Borrowed an electronic vapor product from someone else.
  • Gave money to a legal age (18+) person to buy an electronic vapor product.
  • Have taken an electronic vapor product from a store or another person.
  • Have been given an electronic vapor product by my parent/guardian or a friends parent/guardian.
  • Drank an energy drink three or more times per day in a week.
  • Average Stress.
  • Pornography access/use.
  • Perception of pornography.
  • Survey effectiveness at getting at student issues.
  • Student interest in survey results.

The YAS provides evidence-based information about what the biggest needs are (and aren’t) among Ottawa County teens.

  • Gives parents information they may use to guide their teens in becoming physically, emotionally and mentally healthy adults.
  • Helps faith communities, local agencies and schools focus their efforts on the most pressing and prevalent issues teens face.
  • Helps evaluate the effectiveness of interventions developed to address pressing and prevalent teen issues.
  • Provides the option for school districts to have their own results to compare with Ottawa County as a whole. Schools and parents may then make evidence-based decisions about how to address their student body’s unique needs.
  • Organizations and community members may request an additional analysis that is suited to fit their needs.

YAS Committe:

  • Leigh Moerdyke, Arbor Circle
  • Liz DeLaLuz, Greater Ottawa County United Way
  • Stephanie VanDerKooi — Chair, Lakeshore Regional Entity
  • Stacey Sills, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District
  • Derel Glashower, Ottawa County Department of Public Health

For more information about the Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey, contact:
Stephanie VanDerKooi
Lakeshore Regional Entity

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